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Medeiros builds success continued from page 18 BECO ParlorScan monitoring system. Brian said the new system has allowed them to milk more cows in much less time, and the software gives him the ability to monitor both individual cow and employee performance. The system does more then just auto- matically remove units. Integrated with the BECO ParlorScan software, a clear picture on what took place during the milking ses- sion unfolds. “Our new system allows us to see how things are being done in the milk barn,” Brian explained. “Before we thought our cows were being milked how we desired, but discovered that was not the case. Now we know exactly how our cows are letting down their milk, how long they are taking to milk out, and if our employees are putting cows on manual or not. This information allows us to better manage milking procedures and ensure we do the best job we can.” Proper procedures and milking consis- tency are vital to maximizing production and maintaining good herd health. But, parlor management is one of the most diffi cult tasks on a dairy, because management cannot be there 24/7 to be certain everything is being done properly all the time. The system monitors the number of cows milked, the number of automatic vs. manual detachments, and “no milk” detachments. Milking times, idle time and parlor turns are measured. More importantly, the system shows data and analysis of other critical events, such as cow prep and reattach data, and manual and over-milking numbers. The new system also allows Medeiros to effi ciently run at capacity: three 8-hour milker shifts, with only 15 minutes of down time after each shift. “We’ve also noticed improvement in the teat-end health of our cows and overall im- proved herd health with less mastitis,” Brian said. Their somatic cell count has consis- tently been between 80,000 to 100,000 cells per milliliter. “On the employee side, the new system DMI CLAIM FDA * Reviewed and Accepted “Helps support the dry matter intake (DMI) of dairy cows when fed as part of a total mixed ration during the first 70 days of lactation.” Supporting DMI produces more milk, promotes reproduction and cow health. That’s exactly why dairy nutritionists and producers insist on Diamond V Original Product in the total mixed ration. It’s also backed by the most objective, third-party research in the category. Top dairies insist on Diamond V. * U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) For more information call 800-373-7234. Subscribe to our DairyAdvisor e-newsletter at 10 September 2013 DAIRYBUSINESSWEST
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