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DBweekly HolsteinWorld: What’s happening on SOCIAL From the scenic WI visits, Ed Peck brought out April-Day S Verdejo *RC as part of our tour of the April-Ridge Genetic Center and Fertile- Ridge Dairy. Seeing the Red, *RC, and polled genetics being worked with in the wonderful new genetic center was exciting. Thank you for the visit Ed and best luck on Verdejo’s next flush. -NB MEDIA Visit our social media sites by clicking the links, below, to see these posts and more! DAIRYBUSINESS HOLSTEINWORLD App A little Friday humor! DairyBusiness: Tomato season is here and a tomato’s perfect partner is cheese! If you’re looking for a few new recipes to use with your tomatoes, check out our “Tomatoes and Cheese” board on Pinterest! http://pinterest. com/holsteinworld/tomatoes-and-cheese/ HOLSTEIN WORLD Download our app: DairyBusiness: HolsteinWorld: It was a beautiful day in Ohio last week when Bill Crown, Gary Janssen, Nate Janssen and Ethan Heinzmann from Golden Oaks Farm, the breeders of 7HO8221 ALEXANDER, came to see the bull they bred as well as the Select Sires facilities. Pictured here with ALEXANDER are David Thorbahn and Shirley Kaltenbach of Select Sires, Nate Janssen, Ethan Heinzmann, Bill Crown and Gary Janssen of Golden Oaks and Charlie Will of Select Sires. ~Photo by Danielle Brown #HolsteinWorldPOTD 8
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