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DBweekly DIVERSE GOALS, GREAT GENETICS ACROSS SOUTHERN WISCONSIN By Kayla Jentz Approaching World Dairy Expo, our staff finds it increasingly difficult to leave the office for a week like the All-American, or even a day for farm tours. Despite the challenge, Nicole Breunig and myself made a few stops in southern Wisconsin on Sept. 4. We found a very diverse group of herds with different genetic goals but all focused on one thing, the Holstein cow. group of cattle kept at Stone-Front. The group doesn’t have fancy accommodations but call a section of one of thee freestall barns home, a section with larger stalls and more square footage. Andy says he’s tried just about every housing option you can think of, but that freestalls are just as good as any. He adds that keeping the small group of 25 in a freestall facility means they don’t have to change their Andy Buttles, Stone-Front Farm current system. “The pen gets feed and gets getting started.” His family had a small barn scraped just like any other,” said Andy. Stone-Front Farm that was falling apart and when he graduated And while Pasta was sold as a 5-year-old to Andy & Lyn Buttles from college 16 years ago they moved their Mike & Julie Duckett after Midwest Spring Lancaster, WI original herd of 60 cows to Lancaster, where Show, she still has many daughters and sisters While it might look like any other commercial today 600 Registered Holsteins are milked (with in the herd. Pasta and her descendants are dairy from the road, Stone-Front Farm has bred a sprinkling of Jerseys and Brown Swiss). homebred all the way back to 1923. many high-type individuals, like Stone-Front Iron They’ve added barns and re-done the facilities The Buttles do use some genomic and polled Pasta (EX-96), and has developed descendants that they purchased, and have plans to keep sires, but still use proven bulls that produce of cows such as Windy-Knoll-View Ultimate developing by adding a manure pit, redoing hassle free, long lasting cows the majority Pala and Odyssey Chief Mark Ina. barns and building a new parlor. In addition, of the time. Andy tries to avoid chasing one Andy grew up in Racine, WI, and his family they plan to go from 2x milking to 3x milking number or trait, and believes that a good started with Registered Holsteins in 1913. He with those developments. Registered Holstein will make more than your jokes, “It ‘s been 100 years, and we’re just Pasta was once part of the small ‘special’ average cow. Holsteins also provide him with 13 Kayla Jentz | HolsteinWorld a merchandising tool, and with a staff of 20 full and part time employees, the cows having names instead of numbers really helps keep staff motivated to treat the cows well. Kamps Hollow Dairy Richard & Carol Kamps & Family Belmont, WI An astonishing 75 percent of the Kamps Hollow herd traces back to D-R-A August (EX-96 DOM), the great granddam of Kamps- Hollow Altitude-ET *RC (EX-95 DOM). At age 15, Altitude is currently at Trans-Ova, and her obvious impact on the herd can be seen in her many daughters and granddaughters, the most notable of course being KHW Regiment Apple- Red-ET (EX-95 DOM) There are 120 milking cows at Kamps Hollow and manage about 200 head of youngstock. They milk in a 90 cow stall barn, but when that began overflowing they built an additional 72 cow freestall (Jan. 2013). The freestall is set up for a robot to be added. A separate barn built in
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