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has improved working conditions for our milkers, going from an antiquated manual system to one that’s automatic,” he said. “I’m constantly looking at how to take dif- ferent parts of our operations to the next lev- el,” Brian explained. “Dad has always been very successful in getting us to where we are by maintaining a very fi scally conservative house. We look at all the numbers carefully – the income and the outgo – especially when we are considering something substantial. Rui and Alvarina Medeiros The bottom line is if we can’t pay for it, we and their son Brian were the don’t do it. That fi scal philosophy has served 2013 Kings County Dairy us well in good times and bad.” Family of the Year. Brian is always looking at maintaining Photo by Jackie Giacomazzi and bolstering the sustainable aspects of The Only Live Yeast Specifically Chosen for her Rumen LALLEMAND ANIMAL NUTRITION Tel: 414 464 6440 Email: their dairy and farming operation. He views sustainability from an economic, social and environmental perspective – and in that order. “If it’s not economical, it doesn’t matter how environmental it might be, we can’t af- ford to do it,” he said. “We’re not done yet with improvements,” Brian continued. “We are planning to add milk meters and RFID to the milking system. Our heifers already come back from the calf ranch with RFID tags in their ears. And eventually, we plan to be operating the dairy and the farm under solar power.” Leveraging fermentation and function for improved: • Fiber digestion • Feed efficiency • Milk production © 2013 LALLEMAND ANIMAL NUTRITION. LEVUCELL IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF LALLEMAND ANIMAL NUTRITION. “NOT ALL PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE IN ALL MARKETS NOR ASSOCIATED CLAIMS ALLOWED IN ALL REGIONS.” Septembery 2013 DAIRYBUSINESSWEST 11
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