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DBweekly 6 Countdown to World Dairy Expo VIRTUAL TOURS, REAL (GOOD) DAIRIES they’ve added a retaining lake to catch irrigation water, creating wildlife habitat by adding trees and other vegetation. Additionally, Si- Ellen Farms composts their manure, reducing the amount of commercial fertilizer and non- renewable resources needed.   Wednesday, Oct. 2, Noon Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2 p.m. Larson Acres, Evansville, Wis. Si-Ellen Farms, Jerome, Idaho  By using the latest technology, Larson Acres Originally a 100-cow dairy located in efficiently produces high-quality milk, while Vancouver, Si-Ellen Farms has grown into two being good neighbors. The 2,900-cow herd is farms, consisting of 10,200 Holsteins and 600 outfitted with electronic ID, enabling family and Jerseys on 7,000 acres. Mike Roth and his employees to keep a seven brothers and close eye on production sisters focus their levels. Most of the herd efforts on cow care. A is housed in a cross- full-time veterinarian ventilated barn; several and nutritionist are part new calf facilities have of the staff of 145 employees striving to provide also been added, along with a wastewater the best care possible. This effort has paid off with a rolling herd average of 29,007 lbs. of milk treatment plant. Thanks to this specialized facility, no additional liquid manure storage was with a 160,000 cells/milliliter SCC. needed with the herd expansion. Si-Ellen Farms are environmental stewards: Dairies from New York to Idaho and 260 to 10,800 cows will be featured in the World Dairy Expo virtual tours, Oct. 1-5, in Madison, Wis. The free tours will be presented in the Exhibition Hall Mendota 1 meeting room. For additional profile information, click here. Since Larson Acres is located near a growing population, the Larsons have joined the ranks of social media to keep people abreast of farm changes. They utilize YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest, and have their own website, which introduces the Larson family, explains their commitment to producing a high-quality product, and describes how their expansion created area jobs.   Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2 p.m. Dutch Hollow Farm, Schodack Landing, N.Y. Dutch Hollow Farm, LLC, is home to one of the most productive Jersey herds in the U.S. with a rolling herd average exceeding 19,500 lbs. milk at 4.7% fat and 3.6% protein. Since its inception in 1976 by Countdown to WORLD DAIRY EXPO 7. General information: Make your plans, chart your course and get your boarding pass. 6. Virtual tours: Take a five-day, eight-stop tour without leaving the grounds. 5. Cattle shows and sales (and a look at some past champions): 2,500 cattle, and colored shavings. 4. Seminars: Cutting-edge management, production and forage information. 3. Dairy Expo staff: Whether out front or behind the scenes, these folks make the event ‘go’ 2. Meet the (16) dairy cattle show judges (and some ‘Stars’) 1. Get a Trade Show overview, and meet our DairyBusiness and HolsteinWorld staff accompanying you on your journey to the ‘Center of the Dairy Universe’
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