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DBweekly 10 New Center for Dairy Excellence curriculum prepares Sara Kitchen | Communications Intern Center for Dairy Excellence • Hands-on activities allow students to develop, Unique curriculum, access build and strengthen skills. DLT is unique in how the curriculum can • Upon successful course completion, students be accessed. Teachers can choose to teach will earn industry-recognized certifications to the curriculum in the classroom with hard- move forward in a dairy-related career. copy materials, or use the online Blackboard Technology as a student resource. Students For the dairy industry, DLT provides: unable to access a high school vocational • This program provides a dairy-based and agriculture program can take the class focused education curriculum. independently. • It allows students to dive deeper into the Two curriculum lessons were piloted in 20 dairy industry and further their herd health and high schools during the 2012/13 academic year, business management knowledge. resonating well with students and teachers. Two For students, DLT offers: • Stronger dairy business and herd more courses are being added for the coming • Program content provides an instructor and a school year, addressing dairy farm business foundation of resources, as well as connections management skillsets will prepare students to hit the ground running in their chosen management, introduction to the dairy industry, with other students, to support and encourage profession. ruminant anatomy and nutrition, and dairy herd them to pursue a dairy career. health. To enroll for the 2013/14 academic year or learn more The curriculum will provide online lessons that about the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow program, visit www. include informational presentations, worksheets, and click on to “Students & interactive activities, videos and modules. A live Educators” tab, then click on “Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow”. Check discussion board will provide opportunities to out the informational podcast to hear more about the program from ask questions and learn from other students and the instructor. the instructor. Students will have opportunities to participate in a variety of hands-on experiences, including virtual and live farm and industry tours. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive one or both of two industry-recognized coursework certifications. • Students interested in “Dairy Business Management” can earn certification after completing the “Introduction to the Dairy Industry” and “Dairy Farm Business Management” courses. • Those interested in “Dairy Herd Management” can earn certification after completing the “Ruminant Anatomy & Physiology” and “Dairy Herd Management” courses. The DLT program is the cornerstone for the Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation of Pennsylvania. Sponsorship opportunities are available for industry organizations to become involved with the foundation’s youth efforts, and support young dairy men and women who want to complete the program. DAIRY LEADERS OF TOMORROW As today’s dairy families work to build sustainable, generational businesses, our future dairy men and women are sitting in high school classrooms with a thirst for knowledge. In 2012, Pennsylvania’s Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation launched a pilot program called “Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow.” This curriculum- based program offers the educational opportunities and hands-on experience to support and guide them into a successful future.
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