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Read by large-herd dairy VOLUME 95 NO. 6 JUNE 2014 producers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. FEATURES & COLUMNS EDITORIAL A Kiwi dairyman looks at the U.S. By Joel Hastings MILK QUALITY Milk quality is critical when your name is on the bottle By Cecilia Parsons 6 8 CONVERSATIONS Ask your veterinarian about treating mastitis with a bacteriological cure in mind By Gary Neubauer DAIRY COACH Pay raises... are you doing them wrong? By Tom Wall 14 23 SPECIAL INSERT: DAIRY STATISTICS & TRENDS This comprehensive review of dairy industry statistics is prepared by Dr. Ken Olson, noted dairy industry consultant based in Chicago. He presents a complete picture of the facts, figures and trends for U.S. milk production Sponso red by • 201 3: Ma rgins, • Tren Poli ds cow in state/re cy and Trad num gio e bers • Tren & milk nal milk ds per cow produc U.S. Dai in state/re tion, CA ma ry Exports gional rketing & Co comme • Cha rcia unties nges in FMM l herds, in her • Dai O and ry Co d ws and size and • Ca large-h sh rec replac eip erd imp • Milk ement produc ts, prices acts heifers & gro tion, ss inco market ing and me price • 2013: Margins, Policy and Trade • Trends in state/regional milk production, cow numbers & milk per cow • Trends in state/regional commercial herds, U.S. Dairy Exports & Counties in FMMO and CA marketing • Changes in herd size and large-herd impacts • Dairy Cows and replacement heifers • Cash receipts, prices & gross income • Milk production, marketing and price ABOUT THE COVER Shown on this month’s cover in a photo by Cecilia Parsons is Top O’ The Morn Farms Marketing Manager Christina Hoogendam Ver- hoeven and two of the dairy’s signatures items - glass bottled milk and an antique milk crate that was originally used by Fred and Jennie DeBoer for their home milk delivery service in Chino. The DeBoers and Ron and Evie Locke are now partners in a Tulare County dairy with the same name. See the story in this issue. Contact them at Top O’ The Morn Farms, Inc. Office: 559.688.7515 REGIONAL INSERT California/Arizona DairyBusiness A monthly regional news and advertising insert for producers in California, Arizona and Nevada. The insert is available digitally online to all DairyBusiness West readers at Your Dairy Checkoff at Work By Tom Gallagher Accounting for Profits By Kevin Hernandez California News 4 CA2 CA4 DEPARTMENTS Western Pulse 18 CA6 Advertisers Index 28 June 2014 DAIRYBUSINESSWEST
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