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Simply the Best! • C I R C U L AT I O N F A N S • E X H A U S T F A N S • E V A P O R AT I V E C O O L I N G • MISTING SYSTEMS • CONTROLS 1.800.779.3267 DMI CLAIM FDA * Reviewed and Accepted “Helps support the dry matter intake (DMI) of dairy cows when fed as part of a total mixed ration during the first 70 days of lactation.” Supporting DMI produces more milk, promotes reproduction and cow health. That’s exactly why dairy nutritionists and producers insist on Diamond V Original Product in the total mixed ration. It’s also backed by the most objective, third-party research in the category. Top dairies insist on Diamond V. * U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) For more information visit June 2014 DAIRYBUSINESSWEST 21
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