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CALIFORNIA 2013 RECAP Kern counties. Grade B milk production in 2013 recorded an increase of 92.2 percent (+317.7 mil- The year 2013 started with lower milk California’s total milk production in lion pounds when compared to 2012. Milk production in comparison to 2012, with net 2013 was down 1.3 percent from 2012, ac- production per cow in 2013 was estimated cording to the California Department of Food decreases through July when compared with and Agriculture’s Annual Dairy Statistics. The the same months in 2012. Milk production be- at 23,234 pounds and the number of cows number of dairy cows was down 2.5 percent, gan to increase in August and recorded net in- estimated to be at 1.77 million head. In 2013, utilization of butter and dried milk milk per cow was up 1.2 percent and the num- crease through December when compared to powders (Class 4a) dropped slightly to 34.4 2012. However, total milk production for the ber of dairies decreased 4.3 percent. The annual average prices paid to produc- year finished at a negative 1.3 percent (-545.2 percent (compared to 35.2 percent in 2012), while the percentage of the milk supply going million pounds) when compared to 2012. ers was $18.49 per hundredweight with the into cheese production (Class 4b) increased The five leading milk-producing counties lowest average price in 2013 at $17.30 cwt. recorded 73 percent of the milk production in slightly to 44.2 percent in 2013 (from 43.4 In March and the highest average price at percent) in 2012. 2013: Tulare, Merced, Stanislaus, Kings and $20.77/cwt in December. In comparison to 2012 production, Cali- fornia butter production showed a decrease of 3 percent, nonfat dry milk production significantly decreased by 29.8 percent (offset by a 70.4 percent increased in the produc- tion of “other dry milk products” including skim milk powders), while cheese production increased by 2.7 percent in 2013. For the top three cheeses (comparing 2013 to 2012): Mozzarella increased 2.7 percent, Cheddar increased 7.9 percent and Monterey Jack showed a slight decrease of 1.8 percent. In 2013, utilization of pooled milk for Class 1 (fluid milk) products was at 13.1 percent, similar to the utilization of 2012. Class 1 sales continued to decline, record- ing a decrease of 1.4 percent compared to 2012. Whole, lowfat and skim milks showed decreased sales compared to 2012, while reduced fat milk sales displayed insignificant change and the half and half sales showed an increase of 6.5 percent. The 12 month average prices paid to Cali- fornia producers in 2013 was $18.49 /cwt., compared to $16.59 cwt. in 2012. Average prices paid peaked in December at $20.77 cwt. At the end of 2013, milk production was on the increase, inventories of dairy products were strong, exports of dairy products contin- ued to be robust and prices paid to producers were above last year levels. To view the entire CDFA report: al/2013/2013_Annual2012_Data.pdf Sign up today 18 June 2014 DAIRYBUSINESSWEST
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