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DBweekly 16 NATIONAL CONVENTION FARM TOURS Here’s a sneak peak at some of the tours scheduled for June 26 Le-O-La Holsteins, Peosta • Owned by Rick and Kathy Demmer and their children: Kayla (26), Kristy (24), Kyle (23), Riley (20), Rachel (18), Royce (17) and Regan (13). • 60 cows, 70 heifers Even though Le-O-La Holsteins is only a second generation dairy farm, the history of the farm run deeps and has already extended in the next generation. Leo and Stella Demmer purchased their first Registered Holstein in 1969 and formed the “Le-O-La” prefix. Rick married Kathy (Simon) of Farnear Holsteins in 1985. In 1990, Rick’s parents moved to town and Rick and Kathy moved to the farm to continue the dairy operation. Today, all seven of their children are actively involved in the farm and several of them have already shown an interest to continue the farm’s legacy. Because the of the farm’s focus on cow families and type, descendants of Leo’s first Hosltein purchase are still present on the farm. Most recently, the winning 5-year-old at the 2013 Iowa State The Demmers: Kristy, Kayla, Rick, Regan, Kyle, Riley, Royce and Rachel Holstein Show can trace her roots back to that beginning. Le-O-La Talent Libby (EX-93 96-MS) was also named All-Iowa and Junior All-Iowa 5-Year-Old in 2013. They have also dabbled in the R&W show scene having a Junior All-American R&W nomination in 2009 with Le-O-La Tabitha-Red. The Demmers focus on high type along with production. They do some ET and IVF work on their solid cow families. But, when it comes to the end of the day, they really enjoy working with deep cow families that have a lot of type. Some of those cow families include: Roxy, Barbie, Delia, Lady, Royal Rosa and Atwood Gypsy. Some of the current sires in their tank follow the same notion: Gambler, Racer, Boonbarrow, Kingbow, Atwood, Goldwyn, Gold Chip and Numero Uno. The Demmer family is excited to welcome guests from across the nation to their farm on Host Day Tour #2. Reuter Dairy Inc., Peosta • Owned by Rick and Elaine Reuter and Dan and Jill Reuter • 850 cows, 825 heifers • RHA: 31,084m 3.9f 1184 3.2p 970 • SCC: 75,000 for the past 8 years Located only 10 minutes from Dubuque, IA, this fourth generation farm focuses on running an efficient dairy with great quality milk. Their 12 employees have helped them achieve that goal and have helped play a significant role in the farm’s development. The farm does some flush and IVF work, but focuses mainly on milk production for the herd. Nearly all 825 heifers are raised on their 850- acre farm. The use high genomic bulls for mating of the heifer population, while higher, reliable genomic bulls are used on the milking herd.
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