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CSI-Dairy continued from page 16 for human consumption, it understandably needs to be of the highest quality. Products with the lowest residue risk keep your opera- tion effi cient and help minimize your potential to ship adulterated milk low. And using prod- ucts according to their label is paramount. 6.) Your protocol should limit relapse, lower somatic cell counts and improve true bacteriological cure rates. Ensure your pro- tocol continually tracks these components to provide a picture of your treatment effi cacy. Where can I fi nd more resources about mastitis management and Figure 1. Mastitis Severity Scale Grade 1 (mild) Grade 2 (moderate) Grade 3 (severe) Visible mastitis symptoms • Clots or fl akes in milk • Swollen quarter • Clots or fl akes in milk • Cow is systemically ill Swollen quarter • Clots or fl akes in milk fl exible mastitis therapy? Start with your veterinarian. He or she is the most knowledgeable animal health expert, Culture Treatment Obtain/submit Intramammary infusion; milk culture based on culture results Obtain/submit Intramammary infusion; milk culture based on culture results Obtain/submit Treat ASAP milk culture Intramammary infusion • Antibiotics Appropriate supporative therapy as prescribed by veterinarian qualifi ed to provide the best mastitis manage- ment advice and treatment expertise. You can also visit to learn more about extended therapy treatment protocols.❐ References available upon request. ■ Gary Neubauer, DVM, is the senior manager of the Zoetis Dairy Technical Services team. CALIFORNIA LEOPOLD CONSERVATION AWARD SEEKS NOMINATIONS Apollo ™ MilkSystem Automated Teat Dipping and Backflushing Milking Unit LOOK NO FURTHER. Innovative technology found in the Apollo ™ MilkSystem automatically dispenses teat dip within the milking unit, just prior to removal, cow after cow. • Cows are dipped completely and consistently at every milking, helping to prevent mastitis. • Every milking unit is automatically backflushed after use, improving overall milk quality. • Automation features can reduce labor and increase parlor throughput. GEA Milking & Cooling | WestfaliaSurge Modern Dairy, Inc. Turlock, CA Merced, CA Mid State Surge Escalon, CA Orland, CA 209.668.5350 209.722.7452 209.838.3581 530.865.1082 Oasis Dairy Equipment & Supply Chandler, AZ 409.963.9416 San Joaquin Valley Dairy Equipment Tulare, CA 559.688.2888 Bakersfield, CA 661.827.8494 A division of GEA FARM TECHNOLOGIES 16 June 2014 DAIRYBUSINESSWEST Watch the Apollo video right now! Scan this code with your smartphone. GEA Farm Technologies Southern California Dairy Equipment, Inc. Chino, CA 909.597.4731 T.L. Dairy Center, Inc. Tulare, CA 559.688.3622 Sand County Foundation, California Farm Bureau Federation and Sustainable Conservation are accepting applications for the $10,000 California Leopold Conservation Award. The award honors California farmers, ranchers and other private landowners who demonstrate outstanding stewardship and management of natural resources. Given in honor of renowned conservation- ist Aldo Leopold, the award inspires land- owners by example and provides a visible forum where farmers, ranchers ad land own- ers are recognized as conservation leaders. In 2012, Kings County dairy producer Dino Giacomazzi was honored with this award. Nominations must be postmarked by July 11 and mailed to Leopold Conservation Awards c/o Sustainable Conservation, 98 Battery STreeet, Suite 302, San Francisco, Ca. 94111. The 2014 Leopold Award will be presented at the California Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting in December. For application information, go to
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