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DBweekly 14 EMPIRE FARM DAYS DAIRY TOURS PLANNED Monday, August 4, farm tours PRO-DAIRY will host a tour of Walnut Ridge Dairy in Lansing, NY, Cornell University’s new dairy processing plant in Ithaca, NY and the new Cornell Dairy Research Center in Harford, NY, on Monday, August 4. A bus will be provided to minimize traffic on the dairies and lunch will be served on the Cornell campus prior to the tour of the dairy processing plant. Cost of the tour is $40 per person and pre- and to register go to the PRO-DAIRY webpage at and the “Save the Date” section. Walnut Ridge Dairy LLC, Lansing registration is requested; for more information Walnut Ridge Dairy LLC, Lansing Walnut Ridge Dairy LLC is a multi-family dairy farm which milks 1430 cows, crops 1900 acres and employs 25 people including owners. Cows are housed in eight row or six row freestall barns with curtains and fans for cooling; the Make a splash THAT CAN STOP FLIES ClariFly ® Add-Pack. For use with whole milk or milk replacer. For more information, CLICK HERE. newest six row barn is bedded with sand, the other barns use waterbeds. The holding area cools cows with sprinklers and fans. Pregnant heifers are boarded off site. Walnut Ridge Dairy is a member of the Cayuga Marketing Group LLC and an owner in the newly established Cayuga Milk Ingredients LLC, a dry ingredients plant. Cornell Dairy Research Center, Harford Built in 2013, the Cornell University Dairy
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