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DBweekly MARCH MADNESS - NOT JUST FOR BASKETBALL FANS By Parker Welch It’s that time of the year again – March Madness. For college basketball fans, this means attempting to fill out the perfect bracket (which could win you $1 billion this year), Cinderella stories (Dayton over Ohio State, who picked that one!), nail-biting finishes, heroic performances and player names etched in the history books. March Madness also takes on a different meaning for the dairy industry, particularly from the registered side of things. March Madness is the biennial event hosted by MD-Hillbrook, Chris and Jen Hill, that was inspired by the craziness of the NCAA tournament. In college basketball, the invitation to the ‘Big Dance’ is the culmination of a season’s worth of grueling practices, last-second wins or loses and years of hard work and determination. On the other hand, MD-Hillbrook’s March Madness can be seen as the start of the sale and show season. And like in college hoops, we as dairymen share in the long hours, disappointments and highs in the show ring and years of hard work to achieve the ultimate prize. US and Canada. It is these similarities that make it easy to Indiana’s Perfect Season relate college basketball with the Registered In 1976, Bob Knight and his Hoosiers entered Holstein cow - magic moments that will be the NCAA tournament unbeaten and remarkably remembered forever, and not easily replaced. stayed that way winning the championship with Wooden’s 10th Title a perfect record. Only three other teams have After John Wooden shockingly announced ever accomplished such a feat. he would retire at season’s end, UCLA outran Undefeated Show Seasons Kentucky 92-85 two days later to win the 1975 Indiana wasn’t the first or only team to go title. This sent Wooden out on top with 10 NCAA Championships in a 12-year period – and undefeated but they were the last in 1976, and holding the record now for nearly 40 years! In seven in a row! No other coach in history has the show ring, we’ve seen Holstein greats have a yet to touch his legacy. good ‘season’ or two but very few go undefeated Starbuck – Legendary Sire! throughout their whole lifetime. But, two legends Many sires come to mind when you hear the come to mind – Brookview Tony Charity EX-97 word “legendary.” One sire who stands out DOM and Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95. in the pack is Hanoverhill Starbuck. After an Charity is one of the most admired show cows illustrious 19-year career in A.I., his progeny of all times, earning a remarkable eight Grand today still impact the Holstein breed. He Champion titles at World Dairy Expo or the Royal. garnered an impressive 27 Premier Sire titles at Gold Missy, recently featured in the April 2014 five major Holstein shows held throughout the issue of HolsteinWorld, has already earned Parker Welch | HolsteinWorld Brookview Tony Charity Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy herself an impressive seven titles of either All-American or All-Canadian and the coveted Supreme Champion banner at both World Dairy Expo and the Royal. Even with nearly three decades separating these two legends, their dominance in the show ring earn them spots 8
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