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l It’s time for SPRING FAN CHECK! Now is the time to design a cooling solution to alleviate heat stress and/or check your existing cooling system. Grease bearings, clean the guards, replace broken fans, blades, motors, and cooling pads and be ready for the heat. We are here to help provide solutions! Call for a dealer near you! 1.800.779.3267 various paths and determine which options work best for their operation. There are strategies available for those who are novice to risk management practices to options for producers who have utilized risk manage- ment for years. The need for fl exibility in risk management plans is increasingly important. The good news is that numerous options are out there to protect against the unknown that ies ahead. No one knows when exciting op- portunities or devastatingly low prices will occur, and risk management strategies can help protect you against the unknown. If negative adjustments are diffi cult to handle, consider using a strategy with upside op- portunity that may better suit you and your operation. It is important to remember that there are numerous options available when selecting the hedging opportunity best suited for your dairy. ❐ ■ Kim Parks is vice president of DFA Risk Management, which offers customized risk management programs to aid producers in managing dairy risk. For more information, phone: (877)-424-3343 or visit www. ? The answer to the next big BALANCE Balancing Amino Acids is ESSENTIAL. Feed Efficiently. Gemini Protein's proven technology maximizes production by balancing for the limiting Amino Acid. Go beyond Methionine and Lysine. It's Learn more at or by calling 1-800-888-5688 April 2014 DAIRYBUSINESSEAST 17
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