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DBweekly 14 NATIONAL DHIA ELECTS NEW PRESIDENT, BOARD MEMBERS By Joel Hastings The 49th annual meeting of the National Dairy Herd Information Association (NDHIA) saw the election of a new board president and the seating of two new board members during the convention held March 10-14 in St Louis, MO. Holstein dairyman Kent Buttars, Lewiston, UT, was elected president following a term as vice president. Board members chosen for new offices were Susan Lee, manager of Idaho DHI as vice-president and Robert McKaig, Logansport, IN, treasurer. Joining the board for the first time are Tony Berning, Galena, IL, and Mark Eisenga, North Star Cooperative, Lansing, MI. National DHIA is the trade association for the DHI industry with membership aimed at DHI service providers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, with membership currently at 16. Also participating are the DHI processing centers National DHIA newly elected Board Members shown front row in Raleigh, NC; Verona, WI; from left are Robert Pemberton, Doswell, VA; President Kent Buttars, Lewiston, UT; Vice President Susan Lee, Twin Falls, ID; Provo, UT; and Visalia, CA. One and Dave Scapanski, Sauk Center, MN. Behind, from left, are: member of the board is chosen to Tony Berning, Galena, IL; Secretary George Cudo, Ithaca, NY; represent them, currently Steve Steven Smith, Provo, UT; Treasurer Bob McKaig, Logansport, Smith of DHI-Provo. About 125 IN; Allen Chester, Lisbon, NY; and Mark Eisenga, Lansing, MI. delegates, industry professionals Photo by Mary Mattison, NDHIA and family members attended. through its wholly owned subsidiary, Quality Certification Services. With its own advisory DHI Statistics committee and led by Manager Steve Sievert, In his annual report, NDHIA CEO and QCS audits the work of 24 DHI field service administrator Jay Madison said that 18,173 herds organizations, 45 laboratories, four dairy were on DHI programs in 2013, representing records processing centers and 38 certified nearly 4.3 million cows, for an average herd size meter repair and calibration services. of 235. The number of cows is slightly higher than ten years ago, even though the herd numbers Recognitions have declined steadily from 25,077 in 2004. The Three longtime officer / board members were average DHI herd size is 235 cows but over 1 recognized for their service. President Dan million DHI cows are in herds with more than 2,000 cows. Another million DHI cows are in herds with 750 to 1999 cows. DHI cows also show steady improvement in reduced somatic cell counts. For the first time in 2013, the average test day cell count dropped below 200,000. Back in 2000, the average cell count was 316,000. Quality Certification Services One of the important responsibilities of NDHIA is insuring the uniform high quality of DHI testing across the country, which it does Leaving the NDHIA board, these three were cited for their service by incoming president Kent Buttars, right. From left are Steve Hershey, PA; Bruce Dokkebakken, MN; and Dan Sheldon, NY. Photo by Joel Hastings, DairyBusiness
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