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DBweekly HOLSTEINWORLD LOOKS BACK TO THE 1930’S By Parker Welch A.J. Glover’s June 1934 President of the Association’s Annual Address highlighted the importance of sampling cows and keeping records. The title of his talk was “The Progress of Our Breed Depends on Records.” He touched on three different points: “High Producing Cows May Not Transmit High Production”, “Why Prove Bulls” and “Test all Cows Monthly or Bi- Monthly.” In “Why Prove Bulls”, Glover talked about a visit to a prominent Ayrshire breeder in Scotland and his herd of, “splendid” Ayrshires. He said he asked him, “How did you get so many cows of excellent type and dairy talent?” The farmer, Mr. Barr, said, “I keep many bulls and I sample them a bit.” No bull was placed at the head of his herd until he was known to be an asset. Recent Milk Market Developments “Everywhere we turn there is turmoil and strife over the milk business. We want to discuss briefly at this meeting the tendency to raise butter-fat requirements to a level too high for our cows to produce and perhaps some of you can suggest ways to meet this problem. I don’t know how we will solve it, but solve it we will, somehow. There are too many thousands of farmers who love Holsteins and have their life savings invested in them to give up the ship without struggle. The 1,921 new members added to our National membership list in 1933 indicate confidence in the future of our business of breeding purebred Holsteins.” Excerpt from a 1934 HolsteinWorld from President A.J. Glover. 12 Parker Welch | HolsteinWorld The 1934 All-American Get of Sire Get of Man-O-War 434047; Man-O-War continues his dominance! Breeder – Wm. Schmidt’s Sons, St. Peter, MN · Owner – Maytag Dairy Farms, Newton, IA Left to Right: Man-O-War 30th, 4X All-American; Man-O-War 62d, a leading 4-year-old of 1934; Pearl Ormsby Grace Man-O-War, first 4-year-old at Waterloo; and Empire Lassie Ormsby Maid, All-American 4-Year-Old 1932. As a group they were first prize Get of Sire at Waterloo and Iowa State Fair. A slightly different Get of Sire from the same sire was also All-American Get in 1931, 1932 and 1933. Serving on the All-American Selection Committee that year was Prof. M. H. Campbell, judge at Eastern States, J.P. Eves, judge at Waterloo and Portland and V.S. Culver, judge at the Royal.
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