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DBweekly COUNCIL ON DAIRY CATTLE BREEDING By Kayla Jentz The first annual Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) meeting was held on Feb. 20, 2014, and seated directors for the Class 2014- 17 positions. Terms will become three-year terms after the initial terms of one and two years (depending on the class) are completed. The board consists of four sectors - National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB); Purebred Dairy Cattle Association (PDCA); Dairy Records Providers (DRPs); and Dairy Records Processing Centers (DRPCs). (NFCA) was developed and signed on March 28, 2013 between the USDA-Agricultural Research Service-Animal Improvement Program Laboratory (USDA-ARS-AIPL) and CDCB. This agreement provided for the transition of genetic and genomic evaluation runs from AIPL to CDCB, and was started with CDCB delivering the April 2013 official genetic evaluation results for production traits and delivering all genetic evaluations in December 2013 and on. CDCB announced on Dec. 17, 2013, the effective date of the NFCA was applicable. This started the two-year countdown to CDCB Non-Funded Cooperative Agreement being self-sufficient in computer resources and A Non-Funded Cooperative Agreement staffing to run genetic evaluations, provide the dairy Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding Officers & Directors management DRPs DRPCs NAAB PDCA benchmarks 2017 Directors Kent Buttars Pat Baier Chuck Sattler Glen Brown and maintain 2016 Directors Jay Mattison John Clay Keith Heikes John Meyer the industry 2015 Directors Don Sheldon Lee Day Ole Meland Neal Smith cooperative Non-Voting Advisory Board: Doug Rickey, Zoetis; Juan Tricarico, Dairy Innovation Center database. 2013 - 2015 Officers: Ole Meland, Chair; Jay Mattison, Vice Chair; John Clay, Secretary; and Neal Smith, Treasurer Staffing, financials and volume of business Dr. Duane Norman and Leigh Walton were named Interim Administrator and Interim Technical Applications Manager for CDCB in March 2013. They have been handling day- to-day efforts for CDCB. A CEO search is currently underway as a starting point for CDCB permanent staffing. Financial results for 2013 were solid, with 86% revenue from male fees and 14% from female fees. The financial position statement showed $1,929,000 in net assets on Dec. 31, 2013, very close to the business plan budget developed for CDCB’s first three quarters of operation. Considerable investment and expenses will be incurred during the next 18 months to come to full operation. In 2013, the total genotypic database went over 500,000 genotypes in November. For the nine months of CDCB operation in 2013, 134,500 females and 23,700 males were genomically tested. 11 Kayla Jentz | HolsteinWorld Other operational highlights The Material License Agreement (MLA) templates for cooperating organizations providing data to CDCB for the cooperator industry database are close to review and signing. Some specific language for particular MLAs is still being developed. The first round of capitalization by the stakeholder members is about 75% complete for payment. GMACE participation by the USA occurred with the Interbull Center in September and then the implementation (unofficial run) in December 2013. The USA has chosen not to participate in the GMACE test run in February 2014 and the implementation April 2014 run. Several points and clarifications about bull ownership and publication of results are items still on the table. A general industry meeting and update forum is being scheduled for July/August 2014 with Chicago as the tentative location. For the full March 2014 CDCB Update, click here.
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