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True Milk Breakthrough Linear Response to EPA/DHA Omega–3s Confirmed 1 INCREASED MILK PRODUCTION 1 LBS/COW/DAY 12 10 10.8 8 8.1 6 5.4 4 2 0 2.7 .1 lb. .2 lb. .3 lb. .4 lb. AMOUNT OF STRATA FED 1 Adapted from Bilby, et. al., University of FL, 2006; Moussavi, et. al., Cornell University, 2007; Greco, et. al., University of FL, 2013. 10.8 pounds at the highest feeding rate Groundbreaking research from the University of Florida confirms a clear linear milk response to EPA/DHA omega–3s fed to early lactation dairy cows, with 10.8 pounds of milk at the highest feeding rate. Strata is the industry's best source for EPA/DHA omega-3s, providing the surest way to balance omegas in your herd for long-recognized breeding benefits and now a proven and highly profitable milk response. SEE THE 5 MINUTE VIDEO: SPOTLIGHT ON MILK 1.800.225.4519 | VIRTUSNUTRITION.COM While on-farm results may vary, results presented are from controlled research studies that can be found at Consult your nutritionist for specific feeding recommendations. All logos and trademarks are property of Virtus Nutrition, LLC.
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