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MANAGEMENT “As far as taxes are concerned, our business is complicated. Paul keeps us up to speed on tax law and lets us know about changes ahead of time so we can plan our year. By Parker Welch CO-VALE HOLSTEINS: He’s always GETTING ‘THERE’ looking out for our businesses’ best interest.” Brad Cates, Co-Vale Holsteins, Preble, N.Y. has fine tuned his feeding and nutrition program to help his 500-cow herd reach a Rolling Herd Average of nearly 31,000 lbs. Find out how Brad and his nutritionist have managed the ration for this high-producing herd. “What’s going to get us to the next level of production? Because that’s where we want to be. Our goal is to be ‘there’, our goal isn’t to be ‘here’,” said Brad Cates of Co-Vale Holsteins in Preble, N.Y. What a simple yet profound statement – ‘here’ may be great, but we should always be striving to get ‘there.’ For Co-Vale, it’s easy to see that the ‘always moving forward’ mindset has proven to be a key to their success. For Brad and the rest of the crew at Co-Vale Holsteins, ‘here’ is a Rolling Herd Average (RHA) of 30,866 lbs. milk, 3.9% fat, 1,182 lbs. fat, 3.1% protein and 971 lbs. protein. Brad is currently milking 500- head housed in a six-row free-stall barn and milked in a flat-barn parlor. The milking herd, averaging 97-98 lbs. per cow per day milked 3x, is split into four different groups: a high group, fresh group, mid-lactation group and a late-lactation group. James Entwistle Entwistle Bros. Farm, LLC Litchfield, N.Y. BUSINESS SERVICES 800.562.2235 | “Filling the bulk tank is what pays the bills – that’s what it’s all about,” said Brad Cates, owner of Co-Vale Holsteins in Preble, N.Y. Brad along with his nutritionist, Bert Haier of Button Nutrition, Inc., explains how the feeding program at Co-Vale fills the tank.